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2006-03-14 - 7:54 p.m.

Our road trip to San Antonio was nice. We left on Friday & it seemed like we were never going to get there. The traffic was absolutely horrible. A 4 hr drive turned out to take 6hrs. I didn't realize that Spring Break was starting this weekend. It's like everyone was migrating south toward the beach.
Anyways, we had a great room. We got a 2 room suite. It was nice to have J pants in one room and Hubby & I in another. We dropped our bags off and headed to dinner. We went to Rita's on the River to have some mexican food and beer. The riverwalk was pretty packed with people. After dinner, we went straight back to the room and chilled the rest of the evening. We got up Saturday and hit the town early. Went to the Alamo, shopping at the Rivercenter, walked up and down the Riverwalk, checked out the cool hotels, road the riverboats and ate! J pants hung in there with us. She had such a good time. We let her run crazy in the Alamo courtyard. She chased squirrels and pigeons and loved it. She drew a crowd too! We went back to the hotel and we all crashed for a few hours. Hubby was craving some seafood. So we went back to the Riverwalk in search of a seafood resturant. We tried Joe's Crab Shack, but it was packed. We checked out Landry's, and it wasn't too bad. We got a great table right on the riverwalk. However, you don't get much privacy and everyone walks by and checks out your food & comments. But all in all, it was super good!
Sunday morning we got up and headed back home. Leave it to J pants to get up at 6am. We went down for breakfast. The hotel provided complimentary breakfast every morning. I have got to say, it was awesome! Don't get me wrong, it was not IHOP by any means, but it was also no danishes and coffee. We stopped off in San Marcos and did some shopping and grabbed some lunch. J pants did not sleep a wink on the way home. She was not a complete monster, but got awfully close. The DVD player we have in the car really came in handy. J pants and I watched movies nearly the whole ride there and back.
I certainly was not ready to come home. I could have spent another day there to hang out and catch some more of the sights. It was nice to get outta town for 2 nights and breathe some different air.
Then it was back to work Monday. Boy I was dragging it!
Not too much going on right now. Hubby and J pants are at Pastor Joe's for a while so I am going to go and enjoy the empty house and watch American Idol. <><

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